About W.S. Bunch Co. Inc.

Our services include selection of functional coatings, complete rigging, containment, surface preparation, application, testing of coating systems and an emphasis on cost in terms of systems life.

We emphasis safety on all projects. Four times each year we require all employees to attend a company wide safety meeting. These meetings are video taped to be shown at at later date to those not able to attend the logoscheduled meeting and to all new employees. All projects are subjected to a safety analysis and jobsite tool box safety meetings are also conducted to secure a safe work environment. In addition to our written safety program, we have a written hazardous communication program, a respirator program and a drug free workplace program.

One of our greatest assets is our people. Our job superintendents and foremen average over 10 years of experience each with the W.S. Bunch Company and the mechanics on most jobs average over 5 years of experience. This longevity is unique in this industry and experience time insures that highly trained people will perform the work on your projects in a safe and professional manner.

Our equipment for surface preparation includes several mobile abrasive blasting rigs capable of operating from one to six nozzles, numerous waterblast/washing units and a full array of power and hand tools. We have many different types of rigging equipment, including manlift units to 120 feet. Application equipment includes several plural component units, shotcrete and refractory equipment, air handling and containment systems and heating units to 2,500,000 BTU add to our equipment capabilities.

A four acre paved yard with over 15,000 sq. feet of buildings for shop and storage is used to serve your projects. A full time staff, including a skilled mechanic for equipment maintenance and repairs, are always available to serve project equipment and material requirements.